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Unlike so many recruitment agencies out there. Fast Jobs don't give up on the position, they keep on finding the perfect fit for the job. Listened to us about what we wanted and encouraged our choices. I would definitely recommend them. Thanks guys!

Ayushi Sharma
HR Executive

Before FastJobs.io, we spent hundreds of work hours handling manual tasks which left a lot of room for error. Thanks to their efficient team, our process of hiring is a lot more faster, smoother and easier. It was the best decision to work with them

Suha Draboo
Talent Acquisition Recruiter


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Bringing the Top 1% To You

Build High-Performance Teams and
scale your revenue
Offer shopping is something we struggled with. Qualified Leadership candidates are hard to source and are resistant to joining early-stage startups. With FastJobs.io’s focused approach and experienced recruiters, we were able quickly fill the C-suite and tech roles needed to scale our business with quality candidates in a fraction of the time otherwise taken.
Angad Singh

Founder Zippee

FastJobs worked very closely with us to understand our requirements. We saw an increase in the rate of relevancy, with more than 80% of all candidates matching the desired qualifications as well being a perfect cult fit. Additionally, there was a significant increase in the turnaround time
Vignesh Kumar

 Head Of Engineering

We had a new project at No Broker Hood and there was an urgency to fill in the crucial roles. FastJobs.io really stood up to its name, everything was fast! Thanks to Fastjobs.io's expertise and hard work, the closure period for each role was significantly reduced. Perhaps most impressively, Fastjobs.io was able to find candidates who were not only highly qualified but also an excellent cultural fit.”
Faiyaz Patwari

HR Manager

We seek candidates with the right attitude, skills and experience. With FastJobs.io, 80% of applicants matched these requirements for the job. FastJobs.io’s provided both relevance and time efficiency in our candidate search.
Hanumanth Sonti

QA engineering lead

As an HR professional, I must say that after partnering with FastJobs.io, our candidate conversion ratio saw a significant improvement. FastJobs successfully tackled the challenge of candidate irrelevancy for us and I would definitely recommend them
Osheen Koul

Partner - Talent Acquisition

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Ramp up your Engineering Team and SaaS Sales Reps with us!

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